Project Teacher’s Pet

Project Juvenile

Juvenile Rendering

We are excited to announce that for the third year in a row Power & Performance News is teaming up with West Bend Dyno Tuning and West Bend High Schools to offer an amazing opportunity for the next generation of automotive enthusiasts. Read More »

Project Next Generation – Update 2

IMG_0452 (1200x800)

With only days left till the first car show of the season, the West Bend High School Automotive class is pushed to have Project Next Generation in show condition for the Milwaukee World of Wheels car show (February 24-26). Read More »

Project Teacher’s Pet Takes on a New Project


Meet “Project Next Generation” From a Track Minded Pro-touring race car, to a resto-mod like no other, Power and Performance News is proud to be partnering with West Bend Dyno Tuning in West Bend, Wisconsin on a project that will be turning heads from a mile away. For the second year in a row West Bend Dyno Tuning will be ... Read More »

Teacher’s Pet Goes Back to School


Every hot rodder has dreamed of the day they could burn some rubber in their high schools parking lot. Whether that has actually happened or not will be a story you will only tell your kids when they have long since graduated from high school. Well, I am lucky enough to say I did it! Believe it or not with ... Read More »

Project Teacher’s Pet – Update 4

IMG_0414 (1200x900)

In this gallery of pictures you will see the students of West Bend welding and assembling the car. The students also showed off the work they’ve done so far at the World of Wheels Custom Car Show in Milwaukee, WI. Read More »

Project Teacher’s Pet – Update 3


In this photo gallery you will see the process of the students helping build the Teacher’s Pet power plant – a stroked LS3. This stroker 416 was built with sports forged 4340 Scat crank and rods, JE Pistons, COMP Cams valve train, Del West Titanium valves, Wegner CNC ported LS3 heads, Edelbrock Super Victor intake, Edelbrock 2 piece timing cover, ... Read More »

Project Teacher’s Pet – Update 2


In this update of Project Teacher’s Pet we are at the stage in the project were we have to do all the small things to the chassis and body to make for a sturdy foundation for us to build on. This includes rust repairs, wheel tubes, firewall smoothing, and other metal working required for our LS3 engine swap. As you ... Read More »