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Better With Boost: Vortech Your LS

Are you looking for BIG TIME power gains? Look no further than a Vortech supercharger!

There are many routes to increased performance. If we start with a stock motor, you can always upgrade the existing combination with a top-end kit featuring heads, cam and intake. If you want more, you can also increase the displacement of the short block. Of course there is always nitrous oxide, but if you are looking for serious power gains, ... Read More »

More With Less: Power vs. Boost

The only thing better than running a Vortech supercharger on one LS application is doing it back-to-back on two!

Words And Photos: Richard Holdener Is it possible to make More power with Less boost? Everyone knows it’s possible to make more power with more boost, so how can the opposite possibly be true? The answer requires understanding that there is more to power production than boost alone, and that boost alone should never be considered a true indication of ... Read More »

Going Big: Vortech Supercharged BBC

Good things happen when you combine cubic inches and boost!

Words And Photos: Richard Holdener Adding a supercharger to any motor is a surefire method to increased performance, but what happens when you want to make serious power? A supercharger is best thought of as a multiplier, as boost supplied to the motor increases the output as a percentage of the existing power. The reason for this is that the ... Read More »