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CPR Takes us Through Building a 550 HP Street 383 Stroker LS

On the dyno, this mild 10.8:1 compression 383 made an excellent 556hp with nearly 530 lb.-ft of torque. When you can make 1.45 hp/ci – that’s some power.

By Jeff Smith/Photos By Jeff Smith and CPR-Engines It seems that the only engines that get any media exposure anymore in the popular media are 1,000-plus horsepower “street” engines. The problem with those big-power stories is that they do not represent what’s really going on. A turbo motor that can make 2,000 hp isn’t what the average street guy is ... Read More »

2010 Throwback: 10 Questions With Carroll Shelby

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.57.34 AM

Editor’s Note: Back in 2010, we were able to interview automotive legend Carroll Shelby, and we found his insight and his predictions to be so accurate. Enjoy this throwback interview from Power & Performance.  What are the greatest differences between performance enthusiasts when you first started back in 1962 and today? Electronics have changed everything. Today, with government regulations it is ... Read More »