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The Hateful Eight: Our 800 Horsepower Goal

Haters be hatin’ on a big V8 that makes more than 800 hp!

Words And Photos: Richard Holdener Why did we call it the Hateful Eight? Simply because people who make less power are hatin’ on a V8 that pumps out more than 800 hp! Oh yeah, it’s a popular movie title as well, but that is beside the point. There is nothing like an all-motor combination that makes big steam — unless you ... Read More »

Fast Talk With Jeff Smith: Fun Times With A Big-Block ’64 Corvette


“All the Jag could see were my six taillights” Dean Man’s Curve, lyrics by Brian Wilson, performed by Jan & Dean from the Drag City album. My buddy Scott Gilman bought a ’64 Corvette about 10 years ago. It was a mild custom from the day and eventually a previous owner stuffed a 427c.i. big-block Chevy under the hood backed ... Read More »

Fast Talk With Jeff Smith: Carnage


It is inevitable, you know. If you play with cars and engines and push them hard enough – something’s gonna break. As a car guy, you accept those risks that sometimes you have to buy the parts twice – because you broke the first ones. What is doubly frustrating is when you supposedly do everything correctly and you still fail. ... Read More »

Going Big: Vortech Supercharged BBC

Good things happen when you combine cubic inches and boost!

Words And Photos: Richard Holdener Adding a supercharger to any motor is a surefire method to increased performance, but what happens when you want to make serious power? A supercharger is best thought of as a multiplier, as boost supplied to the motor increases the output as a percentage of the existing power. The reason for this is that the ... Read More »

A New Deal

Our test engine was a 496ci big-block Chevy fitted with a 4340 steel Scat crank and I-beam connecting rods pinned to a set of 12.5:1 compression JE forged pistons. Lubrication chores were handled by a Milodon oil pan and pump package. Brule added the Crane hydraulic roller cam protected with Lucas Engine Assembly Lube.

The Advantages of a 7,500 RPM Rat Motor with Hydraulic Roller Lifters Words: Jeff Smith; Photos: Steve Brule and Jeff Smith “Wait… what? Spin a big-block Chevy to 7,500 rpm with hydraulic roller lifters? No way. Big-blocks have big heavy valves, springs and bad rocker geometry. That kind of rpm will kill that hydraulic roller lifter.” We’ve all heard that kind ... Read More »

Check Out 1,100 Horsepower Of Big Block Chevy

Nitrous Big Block Chevy

Nelson Racing Engines has become famous for their twin turbo V8 setups making obscene amounts of horsepower. But the engine builder has also developed some pretty impressive carbureted packages. The engine in this video is definitely one of them. It is a 632 cubic inch big block Chevy that’s destined for a Chevy Nova. Thankfully, we get to see it ... Read More »