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A New Deal

Our test engine was a 496ci big-block Chevy fitted with a 4340 steel Scat crank and I-beam connecting rods pinned to a set of 12.5:1 compression JE forged pistons. Lubrication chores were handled by a Milodon oil pan and pump package. Brule added the Crane hydraulic roller cam protected with Lucas Engine Assembly Lube.

The Advantages of a 7,500 RPM Rat Motor with Hydraulic Roller Lifters Words: Jeff Smith; Photos: Steve Brule and Jeff Smith “Wait… what? Spin a big-block Chevy to 7,500 rpm with hydraulic roller lifters? No way. Big-blocks have big heavy valves, springs and bad rocker geometry. That kind of rpm will kill that hydraulic roller lifter.” We’ve all heard that kind ... Read More »