VIDEO: Reviewer Talks About Daily Driving a Viper

The Dodge Viper isn’t actually the car you think of when you go to pick out a daily driver. It’s a flashy sports car with very little interior space, and a lot to worry about when it comes to dropping it off in a grocery store parking lot. So is it reasonable to drive a Viper every day? That’s a question Viper owner Doug DeMuro gets asked a lot, evidently, so he gives a firsthand rundown on the topic.

Doug has a series of tests to run the car through to see how commuter/daily driver friendly it is. He starts off by testing out the practicality, a.k.a., will it carry all of your stuff? Doug demonstrates that the Viper will carry a cart full of Home Depot items in the trunk. Now, it’s at this point in the video when he doesn’t know what the name of any of these items are called, that we scrolled down to see what the internet thinks of the host, and if you’re in for a good laugh, we suggest you do the same.

So as the point of the video is starting to get lost because this guy doesn’t know what a dryer vent is, he moves on to a reliability test. Without judgement, Doug gets his Viper serviced at the same place that services Ford dump trucks, maybe not the place we’d go, but we get the sentiment.

From here, the reviewer goes on the note that the interior is comfortable and has plenty of headroom, but a lack of leg room. He demonstrates that it has poor ride comfort by driving around on the worst road we’ve ever seen, probably not the best test. He then goes on to rail on the car about fuel economy and ground clearance, he also slams on the gas pedal from a stop and during a turn on ice to show how it doesn’t handle bad weather. Another criticism he has is that its equipped with a feature known as skip shift, something most cars have. From there, it’s a good amount of nitpicking about the car.

So at this point, what we’ve learned is that Dough probably shouldn’t daily drive a Viper, that’s about it.

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