VIDEO: Motorweek Retro Review 1998 Cobra vs Z28

Coming up on 20 years ago, the 1998 F-Bodies featured the LS1 engine under their hoods for the first time ever. This engine had only been seen a year before in the Corvettes, and the world had no idea what kind of impact the engine would have on have on the entire enthusiast’s market. Even though the Camaro Z28 was going to go on to change the way people looked at F-Bodies, it doesn’t mean the Mustang Cobra wasn’t a worthy opponent. In this Retro Review by MotorWeek, we get to see an old rivalry through the fresh eyes of the host.

The lighter and smaller Mustang Cobra and its 32-valve dual overhead cam V8 has a straight-line advantage, which it loses on the road course to the Z28. MotorWeek mentioned that the Cobra was prone to understeer, while it wasn’t a safety issue, it cost it quite a bit on the track when pitted against the more responsive Camaro.

MotorWeek seemed more impressed by the smoother ride and quieter exhaust of the Cobra, while the Z28 was a bit rowdier as a road car. To even things out, that extra little bit of refinement from the Cobra was going to cost you about $2,000 more than if you went with the Camaro.

Which car won this showdown? Due to each car’s ability to excel in their own ways, MotorWeek calls this one a draw. What we get from that is, there is nothing wrong in liking them both, although most will have a strong preference one way or another.

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