VIDEO: Challenger Hellcat Dips Into 10s With Little Help

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the most capable cars from the factory ever made. According to, the Hellcat will cover a 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds in stock form. Considering it’s stalky 4,000+ pound form (closer to 4,500lbs depending on who you ask), that’s nothing to scoff at. Now, one owner of a stock engine Hellcat has shown that the car is capable of running 10s with some fairly easy tweaks.

In this short video, you see a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with killer tune and simple drivetrain upgrades, and generous amount to weight reduction. Owned by Simon Haddad, the Hellcat previously held the stock power record, and was running 10.43 in the 1/4 mile.

When he previously ran 10.43, the only modifications done where swapping out the wheels and tires for a better track setup, a set of 3.09 gears, and stronger driveshaft. Since then, Haddad has had the engine and transmission tuned by Injected Engineering, but no internal components have been touched. The engine tune maximized the output, and transmission tune helped improved how well it worked through the gears going down the track.

So in total, the full-interior Challenger has weight reduction, engine and transmission tune, a drag wheel/tire combo, gears, and a stronger driveshaft. These few upgrades equated to an incredible 10.05 1/4 mile E/T. That means that the Challenger Hellcat is capable of running low 10s all day long without cracking open the engine and changing the heads, cam, etc.

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