VIDEO: 1,000 HP Hellcat Warms Up the Winter

In most parts of the country, the 2017-2018 winter has been a frigid one so far. While many have tucked their cars away until it warms up, and snow melts away from spring temperatures, the owner of this Hellcat decided to take matters into his own hands and melt some snow on his own. Using his flame-spitting, 1,000-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the driver gets out and mocks the winter weather.

This Dodge Challenger Hellcat has been well-built with high-flowing fuel injectors, a Solo Performance exhaust system, nitrous kit, and a custom intake system. When all put together, the setup equated to just over 1,000-horsepower, and around seven minutes of fun in the snow in a parking lot in Michigan.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.00.34 PM

The owner of this car is known for not wanting to baby his car. He’s previously stated on his Instagram feed (find it at @Mad_SRT), that he “didn’t pay $70k+ for a garage queen”, and we admire his spirit! It’s obvious that he does spend a good amount of time behind the wheel of this monster, and who wouldn’t want to? The drive exhibits some impressive throttle control of the high-horsepower car. It’s interesting to see someone in so much control, when it seems like these cars are costing themselves nearly every closely matched race we’ve seen due to traction issues.

We also wonder if anyone is going to ignore Dodge’s warnings not to dare drive the Demon in such weather, and try to one-up this Hellcat owner.

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