New Generation Cams – Lunati LS1 Voodoo High Lift Camshafts

Lunati hits the tarmac in 2010 with a comprehensive line of 25 new Gen-III and IV LS1 Voodoo camshafts that are guaranteed to “to meet or exceed all your lift needs.” All OE LS applications are fitted with single valve springs that ultimately limit lift. The new Lunati dual valve spring kit (PN 73925K1LUN) enables a maximum lift capability to 0.660-inch. The kit is the perfect complement to the new and robust roster of LS Voodoo camshafts and is complete with dual valve springs, spring locators and steel retainers (both made from 4140 chrome moly-steel), locks and valve seals and represents a drop-in installation for many popular LS applications. New Voodoo weaves several levels of engine evil as Lunati provides specific timing for the following combinations: LS3/ L92, LS3/L92 High Lift, LS1 High-Lift, LS1 with carburetor, LS1 Nitrous Oxide/Supercharger, LS1 Turbo, LS1 with L92 heads, and LS1/L92 High-lift. Camshaft values range from durations of 212/223 to 255/263 degrees (at 0.050), lifts from 0.550 to 0.651-inch, and lobe separation angles from 108 to 116 degrees. For more information call 662-892-1500 or go online to

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