MSD Atomic EFI Now Available For $999.95


Now there’s more reason than ever to get MSD’s popular, budget-friendly Atomic EFI Throttle Body Kit. Now available for just $999.95, the kit comes complete with the throttle body itself, a power module, a wide-band 02 Sensor, all the harnesses for a fast, hassle-free installation, and a compact, easy-to-use handheld programmer.

With the ECU and built-in sensors integrated into the throttle body, the Atomic EFI Throttle Body Kit is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a muscle car, truck, or hot rod to electronic fuel injection. It’s CARB-approved, boasts fewer wiring connections than previous systems on the market, and in some cases requires only a single fuel line. No laptop is needed, and there’s no bulky ECU to mount, ensuring a clean under-hood look.

Atomic EFI delivers the performance and drivability you expect, with quick starts, a smooth idle, and snappy throttle response. Initial timing is handled by the handheld monitor – just answer a few simple questions about your engine, and you’re off and running. The advanced self-learning technology constantly monitors and analyzes your engine’s operating conditions, ensuring the best possible driving experience. The monitor can be removed from the car after it’s running, or left in place so you can monitor engine parameters in real time.

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