PRI 2017: Mahle Performance Rolls Out High Performance Gasket Line


Mahle has been the top name when it comes to engine bearings and piston rings for a long time now, but they are stopping there! While they showed off some of their new performance products at the recent SEMA show, but since then, they have introduced new branding that is going to take their performance initiative to the next level.

Now Mahle Performance, the company will be rolling out a line of high-performance, high-tolerance engine parts, starting with their line of gaskets. Promising to be superior products to their competitors, their high-performance aftermarket gaskets will exist alongside the already offered OEM gaskets. This line of gaskets was developed to cover the needs of the modern engine.

“The new Mahle Performance gaskets were engineered to cater to the modern day engine. Where other brands have failed to evolve, our focus has been on the extreme performance engines and builds, and what it takes to make a gasket that can withstand extreme use.” -Ted Hughes of Mahle Performance 

Under the new high-performance gasket line, Mahle Performance seeks to offer it all. From oil pan gaskets, to head gaskets, and everything in between, the initial rollout will have a complete selection for some of the most popular high-performance applications.

Mahle Performance is also custom tailoring their gaskets to the application when it comes to construction and material. What this means is, this is not a one-size-fits all line, and each one will be made from the best material for its intended use. Expect to see a rollout of performance rings and bearings next.

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