Katech 416 Short Block is an Affordable 600+HP Foundation

Katech, a brand known for quality, power and performance, has introduced a new LS3-based 416-cubic-inch short block designed to make big power for less.

Depending on the camshaft, cylinder heads and other engine components, the new Katech 416 is the foundation for 600 horsepower or more in normally aspirated combinations and up to 900 horsepower or more in boosted applications.

“The new Katech 416 short block is a big-power foundation that won’t break the bank,” said Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations at Katech. “Shop around, and you’ll find our 416 LS3 short block is priced at or below competitors’ products while using top-shelf components and, of course, the meticulous precision blueprinting and assembly that 40 years of engine building experience brings.”

Starting with the proven LS3 aluminum block, which is honed by Katech to 4.070 inches and clearanced for a stroker crankshaft, a high-performance Callies forged steel crank with a 4.00-inch-stroke crankshaft is installed in place of the factory-spec 3.62-inch crankshaft. That expands displacement 40 cubic inches to 416 – a nearly 11-percent increase over the stock 376 cubic inches.

The rest of the short-block assembly is filled with high-performance forged components, including Mahle pistons, rings and wrist pins, and 6.125-inch Callies H-beam connecting rods. With heads featuring the stock LS3 combustion chamber volume, the compression ratio is 10.9:1. The short block is assembled with Clevite bearings and all oil/coolant plugs installed.

The Katech 416 short block lists for $5,899.99. A camshaft and other engine components required to build a complete engine are available from Katech, as well as engine building, tuning and testing. Watch the video:

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