Hellcat Heartthrob Exhaust Makes Our Hearts Race


While the aftermarket is still trying to keep up with the demand for Hellcat parts, a few brands have cracked the code on these monsters, and are making some sweet upgrades for them. One such brand that has created parts tailored to the Dodge Challenger Hellcats is the exhaust company, Heartthrob.

We’ve heard and seen many examples of their exhaust systems on non-Hellcat Challengers, and we’ve got to admit, these are some great sounding systems. One key characteristic about them is that there drone is minimal, especially compared to other systems for the Challengers — this isn’t just our observation, this comes from sorting through many YouTube examples to see what the owners who drive these cars everyday think.

Recently at PRI, our team got a chance to checkout what they have for the Hellcat cars, and we were not disappointed. They have rolled out the same great sounding exhaust system for the 2015-2016 Challenger R/T Scatpack with 6.4-Liter Hemi engine, Challenger SRT with 392 Hemi, and the Challenger SRT Hellcats.

The exhaust system (#1454000) uses a H-Pipe design, and four separate high-flow mufflers to optimize the exhaust note, without impeding flow.

Just out the installation and exhaust clip video here to get a complete look at the Hearththrob exhaust system for the Hellcats:

We know you want to get down to business when it comes to aftermarket parts and need to know the bottom line: what kind of gains can you expect out of this system? On a stock Hellcat, Heartthrob’s before and after dyno numbers show an increase of around 30-horsepower, pretty impressive! On a modified car, you can expect to see more of a percentage increase as well. It seems like this kit and a little bit of tuning might be the first mods to consider for your Hellcat.

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