How Would You Like a Hellcat Powered Chrysler 300 Super Sedan?


Photos from Credit: SpiedBilde


You’ve got to admit, the idea of a Chrysler 300 with 700 plus horsepower powertrain sounds pretty awesome, but would Chrysler ever do such a thing to their semi-refined sedan? Maybe.

Aside from redesigning minivans, Chrysler hasn’t been up to much lately, especially considering how much their brother Dodge has been up to in the way of performance. When it discontinued the 300’s SRT trim back in 2015, it seems like there has been a gap left behind for the brand. But some spy shots, thanks to the spy photographers who work at Autoblog, may suggest that the corporate car might start acting more like the Charger Hellcat in the future.

The spied 300 test mule was seen wearing some thick tires that Dodge has been known to throw on their performance prototypes. It was also seen rocking some four-piston Brembo brake calipers, akin to the ones the SRT used to require. It was also noted by the spy photographer that the 300 sounded like a supercharged Hellcat going down the road.

It’s not all good news though since Dodge isn’t sold in Australia, we suspect that the 300 Hellcat might be exclusive to our horsepower loving friends down under, and possibly set to invade the European markets as well. Having a white collar version of the Charger Hellcat might seem cool, in theory, but it’s ultimately a bad decision if you take brand dilution fears into consideration; if FCA launched a 300 Hellcat, they would be splitting their own sales.

If the 300 Hellcat isn’t set for North American turf, we will manage to pull through on the bosom of the Challenger Hellcat, Demon, and Trackhawk; we can’t complain too much, they have given us something for everyone.

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