Corvette Z06 Owners Are Suing Over Track Performance


Chevy’s pride and joy, the Z06 is not looking so great after drivers discovered a pretty major flow when they take their cars to the track. Apparently, the car will slip into ‘limp mode’ while at the track when the transmission starts to overheat.

This Z06 is supposed to the most capable Corvette, or Chevy at all, of handling the track, straight from the showroom floor. It was developed alongside the C7.R Chevy Corvette race car, but its cooling system seems to be the bane of its existence. Owners have complained that the automatic Z06 overheats under any stresses.

GM did respond and offer a fix for the issue, but a new class-action lawsuit against the automaker claims that this was just a band-aid, and that didn’t even stop the issues.

The owners are seeking money from GM over the issues they’re experiencing. Lawyers are claiming that GM setup a bait and switch with these cars, promising a fully capable high-performance sports car, and not delivering on that promise.

We’ll see how this all shakes out in court, but it seems like a pretty solid reason to drive a manual!

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