Watch Who’s Car You Call Slow: Muscle Car Dispute Leads to Gunfire

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Most car people are pretty touchy about their car, but this story is pretty ridiculous. A dispute over muscle cars led to a shooting in Henderson County, NV, making the suspect one of touchiest people about their opinion of cars ever.

A 28-year old named William Johnson Jr. and 20-year old Cecil Davis got into after Davis picked up Johnson to bring him back to his home. At some point, the visit became nasty when the topic of cars came up. After escalation, Johnson pulled a gun and fired seven rounds at Davis, hitting him six times.

Cecil Davis is in stable condition, otherwise, we wouldn’t be reporting on such a serious subject, although trying to kill someone because of varying opinions on muscle cars is psychotic.

The stray 7th bullet almost hit a handyman who was working close to the scene of the crime. It was the worker who explained what they were even arguing about, to begin with.

“They was talking about muscle cars and who’s muscle car can be faster than the other one, or who can build the best muscle car, well you know that escalated,” said the worker, who doesn’t want his identity revealed. “And then when they try to ask me questions about a car or ask me to chime in to do something, I’m like I’m just here to fix the door.”

The first observation we made about this is that since Cecil picked his (really awful) friend up, the shooter might not even have a car to fight over. Perhaps out of irony, the shooter’s nickname is “Chill Will”, and he has been charged by police with attempted murder and wanton endangerment.

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