The Petersen Photo Archive

Now part of the recently relaunched Petersen Automotive Museum, the Petersen Archive was officially open for the public yesterday with the likes of historians Greg Sharp (NHRA), Jim Miller (American Hot Rod Foundation), David Steele (also AHRF), Michael Dobrin (formerly of Oakland Roadster Show, National Dragster), Don Prieto (Prietive Group, formerly of Hot Rod Industry News, SEMA), Dave Wallace Jr. (Hot Rod, HR Deluxe, Drag Racing magazine, Hot Rod Nostalgia) and Drew Hardin (HR Deluxe, Hot Rod, 4-Wheel & Off-Road.

The archive will make the 60 year history of Petersen Publishing photography available to the public.  All of the material will be digitized allowing folks to download legendary racing, road test and hot rod photos, stories, facts and trivia for personal and professional use. It is a an amazing collection of photos that has been held privately for many years.

Check out their Facebook page for some photos!


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