The 2019 Toyota Supra Might Hurt The Camaro’s Fan Base, If Priced Right



The next generation of the Toyota Supra has been talked about for so many years, that it’s almost become an ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ to many enthusiasts, at least to this one it is. However, if it ever really makes it to the market, it will be the talk of all things cars until everyone has gotten their fill of it. The one thing that will make or break the car will be the MSRP, and this should be making GM pretty nervous about the future of the Camaro.

Where Toyota will price the Supra will determine its class, and therefore, will also determine its competitors. The rumors are divided over where this will land, and where the Supra will be placed. Some are claiming that it will have a hefty price tag that nips at $100,000, placing it in the same bracket as the Acura NSX, which seems fitting. However, it would have a $40,000 price tag, putting it in direct competition for your attention with the Camaro, and that seems like a more fitting situation if history has taught us anything.

Here’s another interesting snack, an insider has claimed that it will run with a $70,000, making it a ZL1 competitor, price wise. However, we can’t see the Supra having the chops the compete in appearance and performance with the ZL1, it’s just not a super muscle car. Pricing it alongside the ZL1 might mean certain failure of the model that many new car buyers (new to car buying), haven’t seen a new production one of since they got their driver’s license.

It would be a win for GM if Toyota out priced the Supra, but a win for car enthusiasts if the old nimble sports import versus fat and powerful American muscle car rivalry got kicked back up again.

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