Supra with Sequential Transmission and 1,500HP Nips at 200MPH

All around the country, 1/2-mile racing events have drawn out some of the coolest, and fastest cars around. When you’re car is too fast to have fun at the dragstrip, this is basically the alternative. In case you’re unfamiliar, this racing is for top speed over seconds it takes to move down the track. They’re typically held on a landing strip at an airport, so there’s plenty of room for these monsters of horsepower to flex their muscles.

One of the bigger names in racing WannaGoFast, seems to pull some big crowds, shops, and fast cars. Their first event of the 2018 year for the series was held in Ocala, Florida at the Jumbolair Airport over January 20th-21st. This airport has a 7550 ft runway where people can race door-to-door with their competitors, and see how fast they get their car over the stretch of land.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.57.55 PM

Amongst many exotics and American muscle cars came one really cool Supra that made us a little bit nostalgic for the good ole days of Supras beating up one Corvettes and Camaros all over the streets. It also reminds us that the Supra is on its way back, so the old rivalry will be in full swing soon enough.

Back to this build, this 1994 Toyota Supra is racing with a sequential transmission setup, so he just rows through the gears with ease, it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch. This car is heavily modified and makes about 1,420-horsepower on the engine alone, then he adds a 75-shot of nitrous. The 1,500+ horsepower Supra runs down the track at a crazy 193mph before flipping the chute and hitting the brakes.

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