Modified Ferrari F12 Tries to Take Down McLaren 720S

The Ferrari F12 is machine made from dreams. With a few minimal mods, like on the one shown in this video, the prancing horse turns into a viscous monster. A naturally-aspirated V12 with a full exhaust by iPE, the Taiwan-based developed that makes one of the loudest on the market, sounds like the devil coming for you on the track. It’s also important to note that this Ferrari F12 has received a full Velos tune, which has pushed the supercar up into the 800-horsepower zone. This is a pretty impressive jump over the stock 730-horsepower figures.

In the 800-horsepower form, this Ferrari F12 is ready to go toe-to-toe with a McLaren 720S. The two met up at the rear half-mile WannaGoFast event in Ocala, FL so a supercar showdown.

The McLaren 720S racing is in stock form, and its twin-turbo V8 is only putting out 710-horsepower, allegedly. It’s been proven by independent dyno testing that this engine is actually capable of putting out more like 800-horsepower to the crank, instead of the much lower manufacturer rating.

Actually, the 720S has basically turned into the supercar to beat, as it rarely loses any races. There are slews of examples out there on YouTube, and floating around the web. A common theme in race videos recently has become “Can this ____ beat the McLaren 720S?”, and the answer is almost always “no.”, but what about this F12 that’s getting a little extra help?

Going heads up, the Ferrari just isn’t enough to hold off the McLaren, and the 720S walks away from the F12 with grace and ease, just as we expected.

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