HSV Colorado SportsCat Is Australia’s New Sports Truck



It’s no wonder that trucks are a pretty big deal in Australia. Their market seems to pattern the North American market, where the top selling vehicle has been the F-Series Ford truck for quite sometime. In order to capatlize on the Austrilian’s love for trucks, Holden Special Vehicle has just declared war on other automakers with their Colorado SportsCat.

The announcement of pricing and an April showroom arrival comes only a week after Ford unveils its Ranger Raptor. HSV has since confirmed that the two-vehicle series of their sports truck will start at $60,970 plus additional on-road costs.

Their up vehicle, the SportsCat+, will feature the bolder options of the two, with much more in-your-face looks, a tougher suspension, and race-ready front brakes. This up-line option will cost $66,790 plus the additional on-road costs.


This pricing will put the HSV Colorado SportsCat in a slot between the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and the Ranger Raptor, which is expected to have a price tag exceeding $70,000.

However, the range of options for the SportsCat could bump it up well above that range. Buying an automatic transmission equipped version will cost an additional $2,200, and an optionals SupaShock suspension adds $3,600 to the SportsCat+.

The sports truck will be delivered to HSV in Australia from the Thailand factory ready to get the HSV overhaul. From there, it will get a body kit, hood, high-performance suspension, upgraded brakes, and tougher wheels and tires. The interior will get sports seats and upgraded materials on the dash and doors.

It will keep the 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine, and it will leave Holden on the way to the marketplace in June of this year.

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