Dying-Vet Gets His Final Wish to Ride in a Hellcat

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Charles Hall, Jr. served in Iraq during the first Gulf War, and has been a mechanic his entire life. Over the weekend, Hall celebrated his last Veteran’s Day as he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and recently found out that he had less than a month to live. Since he found out about the cancer, he shared with his friends and family that he had one last dying wish, he wanted to ride in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

To make sure Charles was honored properly on Veteran’s Day, his sister-in-law put in a phone call to a dealership in Guyton, GA, Dodge Chrysler Auto Nation, while they were actually on their way to the hospital. Within the hour, two of the dealership’s employees, both of who are also veterans, committed to the honor of helping make that wish come true for Charles.

On Friday morning at 10:30 a.m., Charles Hall Jr.’s entire family came to his house to spill the beans about the surprise, and when he opened his front door, his dream car was waiting for him to go for a spin.

Charles and wife broke down explaining what a long hard battle it has been for them and their family, and it’s hard not to feel a big lump form in your throat as they get emotional over the surprise.

When the ride is offered to Charles, he declined, and said he’d rather be in the driver’s seat, so that’s exactly where he ended up! He definitely gets into a little, from what you can tell in the video, and his excitement was undeniable. This was a wonderful way for his family and the people at Dodge Chrysler Auto Nation in Guyton, GA to honor him this Veteran’s Day.

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