Dodge Challenger Demon Proves 9-Second Track Capabilities

The Dodge Challenger Demon might be touted as a 9-second car from the factory, but that doesn’t always guarantee the people behind the wheel are going to be 9-second drivers. In face, the Dodge Demon has been 10-second car, for the most part, when owners take it to the track. Someone finally got the 840-horsepower beast up to capacity over the weekend by bringing the Dodge halo car down into the 9s where it belongs.

On January 27th, the Demon was recorded covering a 1/4-mile in 9.94 seconds at a scorching 136 mph. It’s also worth noting that the driver launched the car without the use of the car’s transbrake. The transbrake feature is made to sent torque to the wheels in less time than it takes to say the word “transbrake”, so it’s quite the accomplishment to run it in the 9s without it.

The pre-run burnout was more than enough to get the tires hot and stick, and the blower whine is just a nice little treat to hear. We’re proud that this owner was able to use their Demon to its full capabilities, but you can bet they won’t be the only ones.

As the cars are starting to roll through their 500-miles break-in period that prevents them from using features like the transbrake, expect to start seeing times dropping like crazy for the Challenger Demon. Not to mention, most tracks are still closed for the winter, and Demon owners haven’t had a much time to practice.

What we’re really looking forward to is when owners begin to modify the Dodge Challenger Demons, and the race to the 8s begins! For now, if only we could convince people to hold their phones sideways when recording, we’d be a lot more satisfied.

Learn more about the transbrake here:

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