Corvette Remembering Sinkhole Cars with 1962 Corvette Museum


It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the earth opened up and try to swallow eight collectible Corvettes. Last year, they opened up an exhibit with the sinkhole eight, and it really gave you a sense of what it took to just completely destroy some of the cars — while others were restored before the exhibit. For the third anniversary of the gut wrenching event, the Corvette Museum announced its plans to restore the 1962 Corvette from the bunch.

This will be the final of the three Corvettes from the sinkholes being restored. It will be repaired and restored in-house, and visitors will be able to watch the restoration as it takes place. Almost all of the work can be done under the museum’s vehicle maintenance and preservation coordinator, Daniel Decker.


GM had ordered to restore all of the Corvettes, but there are no experts at GM with the experience to restore a 1962 Corvette. They did make a donation towards the restoration. The Corvette Museum will also do Facebook and YouTube videos so people can see where they’re at with the progress.

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