Bad News: Dodge Challenger Demon Won’t Return in 2019


If you were counting on the Dodge Challenger Demon returning in 2019, we have some bad news for you. Dodge has zero intentions on producing the Demon in more than 3,300 units, and while we were hoping that was just for the 2018 year model, apparently that means overall, and ever.

Over the last few weeks, fans of the Demon have been going crazy with misinformation about a brand new 2019 Demon heading our way, that’s far from the truth, and hasn’t even been the intention of the automaker. 2019 Demons will not be heading to dealerships, because 3,300 of them have already been made.

This information has essentially ruined our week, we thought the Demon was the new tractor-beam in Mopar performance, making the line a little over the top and awesome — something we’ve all needed since they announced the end of the Dodge Viper.

“2018 only, one-and-done. The people who sit back and wait for next year are going to miss out,” Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis told during an interview.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

We suspect that, eventually, FCA will go against the execs and make more Dodge Challenger Demons, but this might not be a bright move after declaring the car a limited run model, and then reinforcing that no other year models will be made.

As of right now, the Dodge Demon is on path to be one of the most collectible models of all time, making them expensive and rare, things that will only increase with time. If they decided to deviate from the production figures, they could face lawsuits for false advertising.

There is some likelihood that there’s another over-the-top car in the works, as some rumors of an ‘Angel’ car circulated during promotion of the Demon. Another scenario is that the Demon will live on through an upgrade package for the Hellcat, that way, everyone wins and the Demon isn’t devalued. Only time will tell what Mopar has in store, but we know it isn’t another Dodge Demon year model.

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