Bad Move: Toyota Might Re-Body A Dumbed Down Z4 As A Supra



The Toyota Supra is arguably one of the biggest models in terms of success to ever come out of Toyota. As soon as the nixed the model, something most enthusiasts agree was a huge mistake, rumors of a return began swirling. In the last few years, it had become evident that Toyota was planning a return, and when Toyota made it real, our first thought was ‘please don’t mess this up!’, and it seems like they might do just that.

Toyota has taken a few swings and misses with their sports cars since the Supra, case and point, the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ has always left us scratching our heads. Why make the exact same model in two badges? And why are they both so lack-luster of any real performance features? So when we heard that they were planning on doing basically the same with the BMW Z4 to bring the Supra back to the market, we couldn’t help but to cringe.

A superuser on Bimmerpost forums who has posted many confirmed rumors in the past has come forward to say that the Supra will be a Toyota by body and name only. We suspected that interior might have some overlap, but the Super will apparently be a lot closer the BMW than anyone ever expected.

The Supra is expected to be positioned beneath the Z4 in the market, and isn’t expected to come with a manual transmission, but get a eight-speed automatic instead. It’s even expected to have a lesser engine than the Z4, making only 335-horsepower to the Z4’s 380-horsepower engine.

Let’s hope these rumors are just that, rumors. It would be disheartening if the Supra was just a rebranded BMW that didn’t even come with a manual transmission option. Releasing it like that would completely lose the spirit of the Toyota Supra.

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