Father Charged with Six Felonies After Selling Son’s Camaro

65-year-old John Dovichi spent 10 years restoring a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS with his son, then sold it. Not an unusual scenario, right? Well, John wasn’t exactly authorized to sell the car, it belonged to his son, and now John’s in a bit of trouble.

Since the California resident decided to sell a car not titled in his name, he also had to forge his son’s signature to obtain the papers needed to sell it without his son knowing.

During a June hearing, John pleaded not guilty to the six felony charges as a result of the illegal sale. To make this case even darker, John already had an ‘ongoing’ lawsuit against his son, alleging that Jonathan had engaged in “fraudulent actions involving the Camaro and various properties.”

The Camaro was purchased in the early 2000s as a restoration project for the father/son duo. Over the build, the team installed thousands of dollars worth of upgrades, and the father signed it over to his son in 2008. The Camaro would continue to be stored on his father’s property, but discovered that it was gone in 2015.

John alleges that even though his son had the title, he still owned it because he bought it first and put all the money into it…not quite how the law works! His son filed a complained with the DMV, which prompted the charges.

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