VIDEO: ZL1 Shows Off Acceleration Power

The Chevy Camaro ZL1 has no apologies about being one of the baddest cars around. It’s not just straight line fast, it’s also road race fast, and is probably one of the most versatile muscle cars ever sold. It’s powerful 650 horsepower blown LT4 engine makes it extremely capable of taking down just about anyone, while major suspension tweaks keep the beast planted.

In this video by Hennessey Performance, they demonstrate the car’s brute strength and ability to launch to high speeds from a standstill, very quickly! You can see the needle on the gauges move very quickly, and listen to that quick shifting automatic do its job.

For those who opened this hoping to see a view of the outside of the car tearing it up, we don’t want you to be disappointed, so here’s a little meat for you.

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