VIDEO: The 3rd Gen Camaro That Never Was, But Should Have Been

MotorWeek has been around a long time, and have reviewed a lot of cars. Thankfully, they’ve kept the tapes around from their video reviews, and have shared some of them on YouTube, and we couldn’t be more grateful! This allows us to relive some new releases, and to get the genuine first impressions on cars that are approaching classic status. This review is bittersweet — it features a Camaro that GM never released, but we wish they did!

In 1992, Chevy had planned on releasing a limited run of Camaro Heritage Edition 3rd-gens to celebrate the Camaro’s 25th anniversary. Their plans to produce 602 would be canned, and 10 prototypes were made instead — 8 of which were destroyed by GM. The two survivors can be seen on the Camaro Legends Tour, and many Camaro/GM shows around the country, but sadly, they’ll never see their full street car potential.

You can see what GM had in mind with this prototype, the cars were going to be powered by a Corvette L98 5.7L engine and backed by a Corvette ZF 6-speed transmission. The ’92 Heritage package would have given the Camaros a black stripe on white appearance package, and an ode to the glorious 1967 Z28. It also had a B4C suspension package — the rest was mostly based on the RS.

GM probably killed this Camaro because it would have been a Corvette in a Camaro body for under $30k, and they have always been careful not to let anything compete with the Corvette.

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