Slammed ‘66 Lincoln Continental “Land Yacht”

After World War II, American automakers subscribed to a simple but effective theory; bigger is better. From big block engines to bigger body styles, American automobiles grew and grew and grew from the 1950’s all the way until the late 70’s, littering the landscape with a new class of personal luxury cars affectionately known as “land yachts.” These gas guzzling, 4,000+ pound automobiles are not exactly popular cars with the customizing crowd, though it certainly has a loyal niche of followers and fans.

Among these legendary land yachts, perhaps the most popular are the 60’s Lincoln Continentals. Over at Stance Works, a website dedicated to the “low as a lifestyle” creed, they’ve done a nice feature on Mike Alexander’s ‘66 Lincoln Continental, and damn does it look good.

The ‘66 Lincoln Continental coupe measures in at 18.5 feet in length, the size of a small boat. No mention of the motor is made, though stock these came with either a 430 cubic-inch V8, or one of two 460 V8 engines. Mike’s Lincoln is simple yet sweet, painted a Hot Chocolate brown and a White Pepper roof. It wears simple Crag Star Wire wheels, and would look great at stock height.

But once it is slammed to the ground (thanks to a AccuAir E-level Air Management suspension system) it takes on an almost other-worldly look. The old train yard was the perfect setting for this photoshoot, and seeing this old land yacht has awoken the urge to scour Craigslist for a ‘66 Continental Coupe of our own. Would you ever rock a land yacht like this, or do you prefer your classic American cars smaller and faster?


By: Chris Demorro
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