A Look Inside The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Whether it’s on two or four wheels, road racing has a long and storied history on some of the most celebrated circuits around the world. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum,  built on the grounds of the gorgeous 830-acre Barber Motorsports Park outside of Birmingham, is doing its part to preserve road racing history.

The museum states that it is “dedicated to the presentation, interpretation, exhibition and history of motorcycles, vintage vehicles and motorsports.” Motorcycles play an integral role, as racer and museum founder George Barber realized that there was a not a museum which reflected the history of motorcycles from a global perspective.

Today the museum houses over 1200 vintage and modern bikes, as well as a substantial collection of Lotus and other race cars – including historic Indy racers, sports cars and more.

We recently got a chance to visit the museum during the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. Check out a gallery of some of our favorite shots below.



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