eBay Find: 1991 GMC Sonoma Syclone


This car will take you right back to 1991, it is a little over 5,000 miles from new, and is likely the most well-preserved of its kind. It looks like it’s been sitting in a vault all these years, at it’s as close to new as you’re going to find. Recently, an eBay ad listing pointed us towards the truck, and we were blown away by its immaculate condition.

From what we’ve seen, Syclones are fairly well appreciated by their owners, and don’t typically turn up in horrible condition. They were made in limited numbers, and have gained a cult following in the past decade. Due to their specifications and rarity, they make excellent collectible cars, plus they’re super fast!

For the era, a turbocharged, all-wheel drive, light weight pickup truck was pretty head turning, it still is. It was capable of running a 14.1 1/4 mile with a 5 second 0-60mph, so it was a few years ahead of its time anyways. These trucks also look good, they don’t scream ‘work mule’, but also don’t look so far removed from what it means to be a pickup truck that they seem out of place in their genre.


The listing price might be a tad off-putting to some casual buyers. If someone pays the $41k for the performance truck, it’s probably not getting anymore miles put on it, and instead will be put up as a relic.

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