The Coolest Cars From PRI

IMG_7307The Performance Racing Industry trade show isn’t SEMA. There are no fancy sound systems, none of those funky lights you mount underneath your chassis to make it look like its floating, no oversized rims with silly spinners.

And what we also don’t get are all those cars ruined with all that stuff.

Instead, the PRI show is all about performance to help racers of every type win more races. Imagine SEMA stipped of all the fluff until only the most hardcore parts and components remain. That also holds true for the cars and trucks on display. A racing crowd appreciates race cars. The show was packed with the coolest cars, from the rides on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, to Super Modified race cars, to a collection of classic Indy race cars.

We spent a lot of time at the show drooling over these cars, and we thought you’d appreciate them too.


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