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5 Things You Should Know About Motor Oil

When oil oxidizes, or breaks down, it turns acidic and can corrode engine parts, like the connecting rods shown here following an acid fume test.

Here are 5 things you should know about motor oil. The next 5 points are not opinions – they are facts condensed from hundreds of Ph.D. scientists that have spent the last 100 years learning how lubricants work. Read More »

The Turbo Craze: All Aboard For Boost

Check under the hood of the heavy hitters in Drag Week or Street Outlaws and chances are good that you will find a pair of turbos.

Words And Photos: Richard Holdener It seems turbochargers are everywhere. From Formula One and IndyCar to Drag Week and Holley’s LS Fest, pop the hood on any of the fastest vehicles in attendance and the chances are very good that said motor benefits in some way from positive pressure. While we have come to expect turbocharging at the strip, that ... Read More »

The Evolution Of Street Power

Photo 04

Steady advancements in engine technology have brought us into the golden age of streetable horsepower For classic car fans, the holy grail of engines–the 426 Hemi–first showed up on the streets in 1966 in Plymouth’s Belvedere and Dodge’s Charger and Coronet models. The engine known as “The Elephant” was a beast. It was race bred, innovative, made huge power and ... Read More »

Look Inside An NHRA Pro Stock Transmission

NHRA Pro Stock racing

Between the mountains of horsepower and the relentless shifts, NHRA Pro Stock racing transmissions take a ton of abuse. Gray Motorsports gives us a look at how the Liberty five-speed transmissions they use in their race cars can handle one full-throttle bangshift after another for multiple passes. The tech is really cool in both its precision and simplicity. Check it ... Read More »

Arrow Racing Engines’ Secrets For Racing Viper Motors


And the parade of great presenters at the AETC Conference continues. After lunch, Lee Carducci of Arrow Racing Engines was the first up. Arrow builds the all the racing engines for Dodge’s Viper racing program. We’re talking victories in the 24 Hours of LeMans (the GT2 class), the Rolex Daytona 24, the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, and the list goes ... Read More »

Maximize Engine Power By Improving Airflow


Power and Performance News is at the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC), which annually is a gathering of the top engine builders in the racing industry. Every year the AETC presents a series of top-flight speakers on a variety of topics–but all having to do with making horsepower. In the next few days we’ll be bringing you several stories highlighting ... Read More »