Product Tech

American’s Got Talent

The X-Factor Stretch Crossmember was perfect for our complex transmission mount challenges.  We used the American Powertrain-supplied plates and bolted them to the mounts that were installed by a builder prior to our ownership.

The X-Factor Stretch Crossmember comes in three sizes, allowing it to bridge 20- to 26-inch, 26- to 32-inch, and 32- to 34-inch frame rail gaps. Read More »

Wheel Woes No More

Installed and ready to measure, the WheelFit does a great job of determining the optimum wheel sizing for your vehicle by allowing adjustment of the wheel offset to avoid tire conflicts with suspension and bodywork.

Determining the perfect sized wheels and tires for any vehicle can be a challenge, but using the WheelFit tool makes proper wheel sizing quick and accurate. Read More »