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Mustang Brake Diet


The folks at Baer have an idea you probably didn’t know could be done: lightening the brake package on a late model Mustang. Read More »

Budget Vortec Head Upgrade: Easy, Money-Saving Benchtop Mods

The classic iron Vortec head offers quite a few benefits as a budget performance head, but it needs some help if you add a cam with more than 0.450-inch lift. We’ll show you the best way to make those changes.

Words And Photos: Jeff Smith Let’s get this over with right now – if you will accept the concept of strength in numbers, the small-block Chevy is still the king. Sure, the LS family deserves all the hyperbole. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are more traditional small-block Chevys running around wild in the streets in hot street ... Read More »

Junk In The Trunk

Looking to install a little Bootlegger attitude in your small block?

Running Shine with a Bootlegger Cam Words And Photos by Richard Holdener The camshaft is the heart and soul of any performance engine, and no one knew this better than the bootleggers of the Prohibition era. For those 20-somethings out there who might not know what bootleggers are and why they were so bad ass, a quick trip to Wiki ... Read More »