Junk In The Trunk

Looking to install a little Bootlegger attitude in your small block?

Running Shine with a Bootlegger Cam Words And Photos by Richard Holdener The camshaft is the heart and soul of any performance engine, and no one knew this better than the bootleggers of the Prohibition era. For those 20-somethings out there who might not know what bootleggers are and why they were so bad ass, a quick trip to Wiki ... Read More »

The Octane Game

Horsepower comes from engines with the right mix of cylinder pressure combined with the right octane fuel. If too low an octane fuel is used, the engine can detonate. Conversely, too much octane, and power remains high, but the cost is higher with no performance gain. The trick is knowing the right mix.

We talked with Rockett Brand Racing Fuel VP of Engineering Tim Wusz and President Jack Day, who each gave us some insight into techniques you can use to feed the proper fuel to fire your engine. Read More »