CPR Takes us Through Building a 550 HP Street 383 Stroker LS

On the dyno, this mild 10.8:1 compression 383 made an excellent 556hp with nearly 530 lb.-ft of torque. When you can make 1.45 hp/ci – that’s some power.

By Jeff Smith/Photos By Jeff Smith and CPR-Engines It seems that the only engines that get any media exposure anymore in the popular media are 1,000-plus horsepower “street” engines. The problem with those big-power stories is that they do not represent what’s really going on. A turbo motor that can make 2,000 hp isn’t what the average street guy is ... Read More »

Mustang Brake Diet


The folks at Baer have an idea you probably didn’t know could be done: lightening the brake package on a late model Mustang. Read More »

Better With Boost: Vortech Your LS

Are you looking for BIG TIME power gains? Look no further than a Vortech supercharger!

There are many routes to increased performance. If we start with a stock motor, you can always upgrade the existing combination with a top-end kit featuring heads, cam and intake. If you want more, you can also increase the displacement of the short block. Of course there is always nitrous oxide, but if you are looking for serious power gains, ... Read More »

Build Your Own LS/Hemi/Mod Motor Pressure Luber

Our homemade pressure luber looks like a car wash bucket with a strange lid, but it works great. Underneath that lid is an oil pump driven by an electric drill motor that pumps oil into the engine and then return it from the pan back to the reservoir.

By Jeff Smith There’s no denying that the new GM LS, Chrysler Gen III hemi, and Ford Mod motors have carved a healthy niche in the pantheon of performance engines. While the power is there for the making and taking, these new engines also demand new ways of accomplishing standard practices. For example, how do you pressure-lube one of these ... Read More »

Blown Away: Supercharged LS Cam Comparison


By Richard Holdener Cam swaps for LS motors are always exciting because nothing wakes up an LS like wilder cam timing. We have seen 50, 60, and even 70 horsepower gains from a simple cam swap on an otherwise stock LS application. The gains have been even greater on modified motors. The reason for this is that LS motors already ... Read More »