Interview with the Ringbrothers


During the SEMA show last year the Ringbrothers were the buzz of all the builders as they debuted two new vehicles, including a ’48 Caddy with new ATS-V internals, and still had another couple cars in the show. Read More »

Zahn in 60 Seconds


Actor Steve Zahn’s Roadrunner Readies for a Midnight Run Steve Zahn is a funny man. A “character” actor if there ever was one, a quick cross-section of his TV and movie credits include Sahara and Dallas Buyer’s Club (both with Mathew McConaughey), Saving Silverman, Daddy Day Care, National Security, That Thing You Do, and much more. Most recently he is a ... Read More »

Movie Review: Winning, The Racing Life Of Paul Newman


Words: Cam Benty I remember my one and only meeting with Paul Newman in the pits at Laguna Seca Raceway up in Monterey California. It was in 1981 I believe, the exact timing a bit fuzzy today. I was talking with one of the race drivers when we were interrupted by several spectators who started pointing up the row of ... Read More »