2015 AETC Highlights


The art of building engines and making horsepower is often advanced by sharing knowledge with other enthusiasts, and that’s what the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) has been doing for more than 25 years. Here is a brief glimpse into the 2-day conference that’s held every year preceding the PRI Show. Read More »

Advancing The Art Of Power

It seems a bit out  of place to think that you could learn valuable information on how to build a better race or street engine by sitting in a lecture hall for a couple of days, but it’s true. Plus, if you take the time to seek out other attendees and manufacturers for their expertise, it can be extremely educational.

The 2015 Advanced Engine Technology Conference Words And Photos: Jeff Smith There’s an old proverb that says when you drink the water, take a moment to honor the man who dug the well. The art of building engines and making horsepower is often advanced by sharing knowledge with other enthusiasts, and that’s what the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) has ... Read More »

Radiator Tech Tips From C&R

C&R Racing's Chris Paulson presents at the AETC conference.

C&R Racing is one of the most trusted manufacturers of radiators and cooling systems in racing. In fact, C&R owns nearly 100 percent of the radiator market in NASCAR. More important to us, they are also very big in dirt track racing, especially with Sprint Cars. C&R major domo Chris Paulson recently led a discussion at the Advanced Engineering Technology ... Read More »

The Science Of Ring Coatings

Mahle Clevite's Bill McKnight

Back in the good old days, piston rings were almost always cast iron. But cast iron has a few drawbacks–namely, it’s brittle–and over time steel rings were developed. At first, steel rings were reserved for only big buck engine builds for professional race teams and the like. But steel rings have consistently dropped in price until they are actually quite ... Read More »

The Tech Of Engine Bearings

The oil film requires constant pressure, so when the engine isn't running  the crank will settle against the bearing--but not necessarily always on the bottom. Typically, the crank will rest of the lower part of the bearing on the rear of the engine because of the weight of the flywheel or torque converter, but because of the  tension of the timing belt the crank journal will be held against the top of the bearing at the front of the engine.

  At first glance, engine bearings are just simple shells that hold the engine’s lubricant against either the crankshaft main journals, the rod journals, or the cam journals. But we all know that there is much more to them than that. Dick Amacher of Daido Engine Bearings recently presented at the Automotive Engineering Technology Conference (AETC) and shared some very ... Read More »

The 26th Annual AETC Is Just A Few Weeks Away


For more than a quarter century AETC has brought together the brightest minds in the performance industry. Seats for this year’s event are still available, but are going fast. Aftermarket performance professionals and enthusiasts have just three weeks to make plans to attend the industry-renowned Advanced Engineering Technology Conference. Each year AETC provides an opportunity for engine builders, design engineers, ... Read More »

Additional Speakers, Sponsors Announced For 26th Annual AETC


The speakers and sponsors for the 26th edition of the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference are shaping up. A diverse lineup offers a broad range of perspectives on engine-building topics, and be supported by a wide range of brands with ties to the performance aftermarket. Each December in advance of the PRI Trade Show, AETC brings engine builders, design engineers, business ... Read More »

Dates Set For The 26th Annual AETC Conference

AETC Conference

The Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC) is annually the greatest gathering of engine builders anywhere in the US. And they’ve just confirmed the dates and location for the 26th edition of the conference that’s all about making horsepower. Now more than a quarter-century old, the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference™ has become the premier meeting place for the exchange of engineering information ... Read More »

AETC Delivers Info!


Ever wonder what it would be like to pick the brains of top engine builders or the engineers behind some of the best performance components available? Think of the tips and inside information you could learn to gain an edge over your competition! Are you curious about piston coatings and dome design or about improving an engine’s lubrication capabilities through ... Read More »