Guest Columns

The Next Generation

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is unveiled during a special event for employees Saturday, May 16, 2015 on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by John F. Martin for Chevrolet)

Words Dennis Pittsenbarger Photos copyright of General Motors What does it mean to the world to be the next generation? If you’re the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro then it means the performance world has just been loaded onto your shoulders, and you have no choice but to take a deep breath and start to prove why you deserve it. This was ... Read More »

Shady Oil Testing Sucks And Here’s Why: Lake Speed Jr.

Oil Testing

Much confusion and debate exists in regards to motor oils and lubricants in general. One of the primary reasons for this is that lubricants are chemicals in a bottle. Unlike hardware or sheets of plywood that are easily measured, touched and observed, lubricants are these slippery products that we typically don’t like getting on our hands. This opens the Pandora’s ... Read More »

The Next Generation: Eric Saltrick

The 1960 "Cruella Deville" Cadillac built by Justin Carrillo.

At the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, guests couldn’t miss the sleek, black 1960 Cadillac convertible sitting at the entrance to the Central Hall, nor could they miss the Steele Rubber Products license plate on the front of the car. During the week of the show, the car known as “Cruella DeVille” gathered national attention, including feature stories on ... Read More »

My First SEMA Show: Jeff Major

With Vic Edelbrock at one of my first SEMA shows.

When I started Bed Wood and Parts, I had no contacts or network of friends in the aftermarket automotive arena. I did not know where or how to advertise and promote Bed Wood and Parts products, nor did I know the ins and outs of how to deliver those products to the marketplace. I only knew that I had an idea, a ... Read More »

Your Price For USA Made

What is your Made In The USA price?

  When asked, nearly everyone wants their performance parts to be manufactured in the United States of America. Better quality, keeping jobs in the States, supporting USA manufacturers, a matter of pride and many other reasons. It sounds great on paper and in online polls. But remember, out of all of those surveys that people claim USA Made is important ... Read More »

The Best Automotive Apps For The iPhone And Android


With the world full of apps that allow users to do everything from watching live sports to buying groceries, it’s no surprise that the automotive aftermarket performance industry should be in the game as well. We’ve compiled a few of the best automotive apps for both the iPhone and the Android in no particular order to help you make your ... Read More »

Hot Rod Lingo! Getting A Grip On The Rodding Lifestyle


We’ve always found the etymology of words and terms fun and interesting, and no other group has as many colorful and exotic terms as hot rodders.  We wanted to get an idea of what a hot rod dictionary would look like so a quick trip to wikipedia gave us some instant results. Some of the terms surprized us, but there ... Read More »

Passion For The Industry: Gregory Smith

Greg Smith, Weld Racing

Occasionally a friend/acquaintance/family member will ask me why I am so intensely passionate about the performance automotive aftermarket as a career. They know about the boom/bust cycles and the vagaries of working in a small business that is often family owned. The fact that I am a gearhead and love cars and motorcycles should be obvious to anyone who knows ... Read More »